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With its numerous cultural sites, buildings, activities and festivals, the canton draws a large audience from far beyond its borders. All forms of cultural expression by well established artists take place here. There is a strong emphasis on young creative talents who benefit from prestigious training, financial assistance and multiple opportunities for presenting their work. The canton offers more than 80 museums devoted to fine arts, science, history and a host of other subjects ranging from sport and games to photography and food. It also has a wealth of historical monuments, castles and fine houses as well as the exceptional vineyards of Lavaux, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.



A region of history and culture, the region has nearly 100 castles, 14 of which are open to the public. More than 80 museums devoted to archaeology, games, food, history, sculpture, vintage cars, science fiction, photography, art brut, painting and the Olympic movement: around hundred museums attract curious visitors daily.


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The canton supports cultural life through the creative work of professional artists. It endeavours to maintain diversity and access to culture for everyone.


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