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Anja Wyden Guelpa

Madame Anja Wyden Guelpa, Chancellor of the Canton of Geneva, invites all the Swiss abroad, especially expatriate Genevois, to get involved in Swiss political life. She emphasizes the efforts made by the Canton of Geneva in connection with e-voting and e-government to make it easier for its citizens to gain access to their political rights.

Geneva is one of three pilot cantons (the others being Neuchâtel and Zurich) which have devised and tested electronic voting systems. This work has been under way since 1998 and pilot projects have been conducted in close co-operation with the Federal Chancellery. Information and communication technology has made enormous strides in recent years. Government institutions are no exception to this trend and federal, cantonal and municipal authorities, political parties and politicians no longer hesitate to use the Internet to convey information to the public. This new technology offers Swiss citizens the opportunity to exercise their political rights by electronic means and adds a new dimension to democracy.
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