Geneva: Facts & Figures

The life of a canton can also be expressed in figures, percentages, kilograms, head counts or any unit of measurement. Statistics track a canton's development on many different fronts. Thus the Canton of Geneva holds statistics on 21 major headings for the 45 communes which make up the Canton.


Did you know…?

  • In 2008, Geneva recorded a 30.3% drop in applications for citizenship.
  • Geneva is Switzerland's second city in terms of population.
  • Each resident of Geneva sorts 172 kg of rubbish for recycling each year.


The figures keep coming

  • 250 is the number of non-governmental organizations headquartered in Geneva.
  • 1.5% is the proportion of farmland in the Canton of Geneva.
  • 58 B.C. is the year of the first recorded mention of Geneva. It appears in Julius Caesar's De Bello Gallico.


For more information on statistics in the Canton of Geneva

Cantonal Statistical Office (only in available in French)

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